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The BEST value for any Alaska photo tour, safari, trek or workshop!

Our premium photo tours help serious amateur, semi-pro and pro photographers get the experiences and images of their lives. Formed by photographers, rangers and tour guides, our photo treks have all the vital ingredients:
1) The ONLY multi-day photography tours based in the midst of the wildlife-rich Kenai Peninsula (not Anchorage),
2) Small groups only to give you any or all the personal attention you want,
3) Flexibility to adjust and spend maximum field time with the animals when the light is great and the scenery superb!
4) By not shooting for our own portfolios, we help you get the best shots for your portfolios during your short time here.
Compare us to any other Alaskan photo tour, trek or workshop. Our exclusive central location and low overhead means your money simply goes directly to more time in the field to photograph and enjoy. (With the larger corporate or international tour companies, a huge percentage of your cost pays for high executive and celebrity tour guide salaries, expensive TV ads and promotions, high-end luxury accommodations, and repeated commuting to and from Anchorage).
Mile for mile, dollar for dollar, megabyte for megabyte, you’ll get more time, more photo opps, more local knowledge and insights, and more ​hands on (or hands off!) attention for less than any other Alaska tours of similar length.

Come to the wide open Covid-free spaces -- one of the safest places in the world!

We have 3 species of bears and a MILLION PHOTO OPPS waiting for you!

Short video on our boat option to brown bear viewing/photography in Lake Clark National Park.
A great option if weather prevents access by air, or for those who don’t want to fly.

We’re expanding!

Not the size of the business or number of employees. Or the number of our vehicles or buildings. But the hearts and perspectives of visitors every day.

When a grizzly bear cub looks directly at you (and then keeps playing), or a huge bull moose walks by you in the wild, it’s hard to keep it in. You feel trusted and honored, and can’t help but share the moment, by taking a great shot and perhaps a silent or verbal, “WOW”! (You know the feeling…)

Then you get to share your photos with the people you love and those you want to inspire.

It feels like you’re part of a bigger circle now, that you’ve expanded your “family”, widened your   life-affirming memory bank. Ironically, the world seems a bit smaller, as you’ve connected some important dots in your life.

Come join our energy, devotion and unforgettable activities!


We’ve been living and photographing brown bears and wildlife in Alaska for over 35 years!

Most of our 2020 reservations have been rescheduled to 2021. Check out our remaining slots for the 2021 season here.

Get those bucket-list photos you’ve always wanted at rates that are cheaper if you book separately yourself!

See our Discounts page too!

Recent 2020 bear experiences:

Three Common Questions:

1) Why not just take a tour geared to the general public that sees wildlife?

If you love nature and wildlife photography, you won’t get the time you want on “snapshot excursions”.  Their agenda is more oriented to distance and checklists, rather than time working the scene or getting great images. They’ll keep you moving on to the next scene regardless of golden light, long-lasting animal interactions or great photo opps.


2) Doesn’t a photo tour cost more?

The short answer is, no!  Compare “apples to apples”.

Our photo tours actually cost less than if you book each activity or location yourself, with transportation, lodging, meals, flights, fees and activities. And they cost less than the other Alaska photo tours for the same locations and time frames. That’s because we get bulk tour discounts from operators we have known personally for years, and because we know what tours are padding their operations more than they need to. You get more field time to shoot, rather than expensive or unnecessary luxury.


3) Why pay for a guided trip when I know what I want and how to photograph?

Often, the knowledge of a local guide can be more important than photo knowledge. This can make the difference between GREAT shots vs NO shots during your short visit. Timing, alternate routes, light quality and angles, animal habits, hazards, terrain, etc. We give you tips on Alaska, animals and photography from decades of living and shooting here.

For those of you who might want some photo tips “in the heat of the action”, we’re here to help.  As internationally published pro-photographer-guides, we love helping folks make the most out of their photo opportunities.  We’ve also helped fix broken or drenched cameras, loaned out lenses, SIM cards and other equipment, and all kinds of other benefits when the unexpected happens.

We partner only with the best, time-tested local transport and lodge vendors. You’ll get more field time with animals, light and scenery, rather than continually trekking back to Anchorage, or paying more for higher salaries, overhead and “prestige” of larger corporations.

What will matter most to you is getting the shots you want, rather than booking with a famous company or “celebrity” photographer.

Looking for tips on choosing a photography tour? Check out our popular How to Pick a Photo Tour.

3-day, 5-day & 7-day Premium Photography Tours


We have lots of returning visitors…

Top 10 Reasons to Join our Photo Tours


1. Our tours are based in the wildlife-rich Kenai Peninsula, where the other tours visit

More time to shoot wildlife in great light, while the other tours commute back & forth to the city



2. Closest to the grizzly bears of Katmai/Lake Clark Nat’l Parks and wildlife around the Peninsula


3. All-inclusive — lodging, meals, transportation, park fees, shuttles — all logistics taken care of for you


4. Helicopter aerials with doors off for great shots of fjords, glaciers, marine mammals & bucket-list scenery


5. Dogsled trekking across a glacier (includes another helicopter ride and 2nd chance for aerials)


6. Long-time Alaskan pro photographers, university instructors and/or former Park Rangers

with 30+ years of local knowledge as your Guides



7. Low Guide-Participant ratios — less group logistics, more field time, more attention to you


8. A portion of all proceeds supports Alaska conservation agencies as a big thank you and insurance for our future

Your time is limited

 Let us handle the planning & logistics

We’ll help you get photos of a lifetime

You just snap the shots, eat, sleep, & enjoy!


“A fantastic experience!” — S. Levine, Nigata, Japan

     Bronze Package3 days / 2 nights          $2995.00

  Silver Package:   5 days / 4 nights            $4995.00

  Gold Package:       7 days / 6 nights          $5995.00


All prices include:

RT Transportation from Anchorage & around Kenai Peninsula

Flights and/or boat rides to/from Nat’l Parks & bear camps

Helicopter aerials over fjords & glaciers

Dogsled riding on a remote glacier

All lodging & meals  (snacks/alcohol extra)

All Park and/or Refuge fees 


Call (907) 740-3322

to  book your photography tour!

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